The Complete Guide to Why You Girlfriend Hitting You Is Normal and Okay

It’s been a long time since I was in the dating scene and it has been a struggle to find someone. Most of the women I have talked to seem to be controlled by their parents and constantly need validation about their careers or what they are doing with their lives. My last date (dating) was on Sunday night when my girl friend hit me.She is usually very sweet and things have been going really well between us. So I was a little bit confused as to what triggered her to hit me. When I asked her this she would not give me a straight answer, instead she told me that it is normal for people in relationships to hit each other. Her brother also has a history of hitting women that he has dated. I am glad that he has stopped doing it but I still think it is strange that she thinks it is normal. I don’t want to argue with her about this so I want to know if this is normal or if she is just trying to justify the fact that she hit me.
Thanks for your help.”
-A concerned boyfriend (United States) [ARTICLE END]
MY RESPONSE: Hi Concerned Boyfriend, First of all let’s get something clear; you’re not in a relationship… you’re in a date. Yes, that sounds like a big difference but bear with me as I break down the major differences between dating and being in a relationship.

is it normal for my girl friend to hit me
is it normal for my girl friend to hit me

Introduction: What is the reason your girlfriend hits you?

I have been dating this girl for about 2 months almost 3. She is a knockout and one of those girls that you want to get to know personally and interact with. I told her from the beginning that I am not a relationship type guy and so I just wanted to be friends with her. And she agreed to that but now she hits me instead of punching me (lol). It has happened at least twice already in the past week. The first time was when another girl broke up with her boyfriend for cheating on her. Apparently my girl friend got mad because she thought that the girl was the one that I was dating and not her. That was not true at all. She would have never dated this other girl and I have never kissed or did any “things” with the other girl. I was surprised that she hit me because she has never done that before. What is going on? I am basically just confused about this whole thing and I need some advice. Thanks in advance!
Sincerely, Noah
Submitted: 6 years ago. Category: Relationship Issues
Dear Noah,

is it normal for my girl friend to hit me
is it normal for my girl friend to hit me

How to Stop Your Girlfriend from Flagging Your Cheek with Her Fist for Good

It seems that this is someone who is looking to be dominated. She wants to think she has control over you and all of her issues come from that. I am not sure if this issue will ever go away but with a little bit of effort, ignoring her when she flairs and more positive reinforcement I bet it would go away. She has to respect you and not treat you as a toy or a piece of meat. This is something that takes time, effort and patience.
When she goes off about the flagging or something else, avoid her. You can say ‘I am going to do something else’ and walk away from her. Don’t talk to her in that tone of voice. And don’t let her get you in a position where she can hit you. It is a way for her to feel like she has control over you and it is just and impulsive reaction of anger.

is it normal for my girl friend to hit me
is it normal for my girl friend to hit me

Conclusion: Don’t Be Scared of Your Girlfriend’s Aggressive Behaviors

When I first met my girl friend I was a little bit intimidated by her. She seemed to be really nice and sweet and those are the types that usually do hit me when they get mad. However, I was wrong to judge her because this only happens when she is very upset or mad about something. I don’t think she will hit me again anytime soon because she has had two chances and I believe that if anything else gets her upset she will probably try to get a restraining order on me. I think this is a learning experience for me more than anything else. I really don’t want anything to happen to her (I want her just as much as she wants me) but I think now that I know what to look for in a girlfriend, I will know how to deal with things when they are not good.
The aggression in my girl friend was an immediate indicator that something was wrong. She was very angry and it appeared that she had been crying and shaking. It is amazing how much you can learn by watching people’s behavior. It is something that I have always been good at, so seeing her behaving this way was not very hard to understand.

is it normal for my girl friend to hit me
is it normal for my girl friend to hit me

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