The Future of the Digital Driverless Car

How Can a Self Driving Car Help You in Fort Myers

Self driving cars are years away from mass production, with many technological and regulatory hurdles yet to clear. But Google has already driven their cars over 1 million miles of roads. Google’s driverless car has not had any accidents or caused a traffic jam for the last 6 years. Google is not the only company embarking on the self driving car project. Google’s self driving cars were the first, but Nissan, Mercedes and Toyota are also testing their own takes on automated cars for real world application.
With the rise of innovation and the fall in price of technology, Google has transformed from a techy company into a serious contender in the automotive industry. Google’s self driving cars are probably a few years away from mass production for retail, but it seems as though that day is coming soon. Self driving cars are also getting plenty of love from lawmakers. California recently authorized self driving car testing without a driver behind the wheel. Self driving cars could be revolutionary, but they will first have to pass the test of real world situations.

fort myers to port st lucie
fort myers to port st lucie

I’m Not a Driver—But Myselfdriving is Done for Me with an AutonomousCar! What Does That Mean for Me?

In a nutshell, an autonomous vehicle is a car that drives itself, under the supervision of a human. Autonomous vehicles can be either self-driving (driving without the need for driver input) or remote-controlled (driving with remote control input) by a human operator. The distinction between self-driving and remote controlled vehicles is blurring as networked technologies increasingly permit teleoperations that are indistinguishable from autonomous driving.
That a self-driving car can be programmed to drive itself as efficiently and safely as an experienced human driver does is a fact. That an autonomous vehicle can also be programmed to do so much else, including play the cello and sing, dance, read people’s faces, and recognize musical notes, is not a fact. It is simply the ability of massive systems of interconnected software agents to perform extraordinary tasks.
We are in the early days of what promises to be a new era of rapid technological change. The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new and powerful networks that can be deployed at a low cost, quickly and easily. Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) is enabling new means to automate actions previously performed by humans or other agents. Machine learning, a type of AI, enables machines to behave in ways never before imagined.

fort myers to port st lucie
fort myers to port st lucie

Conclusion: Start Using an Autonomous Vehicle Today to Supercharge Your Productivity & Creativity

We can’t even imagine everything that will change when all driverless cars eventually become the norm. And yes, even now, you can see in the newspaper stories about accidents, traffic jams and bad driving behaviour (self-driving cars won’t have that problem) but there are very good reasons for these accidents (poor sensors or road conditions).
And what about the first time an autonomous car drives you from your driveway to the store? That’s when things really start to get interesting. You’ll be wearing your own clothes, not a uniform or a ridiculous outfit (as in “most” magazines), and you’re going to spend hours on end doing things that were never thought of by anyone before.
Of course, it will be a big shock for many people, especially those who have been used to being driven around all day. But there is a solution – which is more fun and productive than you might think: an autonomous vehicle.
And if you still don’t think that this is the future, check out the *science* behind it. And once you’ve been able to experience what this will be like (you’ll still need to do some driving when you get home), I’m sure you’ll agree with me.
The kind of “science” I’m talking about is that of *productivity*, and its positive impact on your career. It will be the ultimate tool to work when you’re “self-employed”, or even in a job where you have a boss who makes decisions for you.
Everything will be much more fluid, and you’ll probably spend more time working than following an impossibly detailed work schedule. All because driving has been taken out of the equation.

fort myers to port st lucie
fort myers to port st lucie