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Firm in Exile Part 3 – “Wow!”

Are you a young professional in the IT industry? Do you feel like your skills are underutilized, underpaid, and undervalued? Where does that leave you when it comes to the IT career landscape and the future of your long-term financial security? Modern IT jobs are some of the most valuable, highest paying jobs available. But you need to know where to look and how to get them. By exploring how the IT industry works, how to break into it and how you can leverage the resources around you, you will find this highly profitable field more open than ever before.
Take a look at this finding from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
“The United States is projected to need 1.5 million more software developers by 2020, with a majority of those developers entering the job market after 2018.”
It’s predicted that in the next 6 years the mean salary for an IT professional will climb to an astonishing $91,000 per year. That’s nearly double what it is right now! With all of this new growth, though, comes complexity. You’ll need to know what resources are available, how to access them and how to position yourself within them.
The IT industry is huge, dense and diverse. There’s a lot to learn, but most of it is out there – it just needs to be found. With the right tools, information and knowledge the opportunity exists for you to play an integral role in helping shape the future of IT.

firm in exile part 3 wow
firm in exile part 3 wow

Recorded by Zachary Casocco for the Hootsuite channel on

What have you always wanted to do but didn’t know how to get started? This is where this channel can help you. We’ll show you how to make any idea become a reality. We’re going to be making the 3rd and final part of our “firm in exile” series on YouTube.
In this video we’ll go over some of the things we did to set up our scene, as well as some lighting tricks for a rainy day. In the end, after you watch this video, if you want to make your own version of the scene above (in 3D), go ahead!
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firm in exile part 3 wow
firm in exile part 3 wow