The Most Memorable Celeb Breakups of All Time

How Have Celeb Couples Gone From The World’s Biggest Couples to the World’s Biggest Divorces?

Couples used to stay together for life. A divorce between two Hollywood stars was a rarity. Now, the divorce rate is skyrocketing among celebrities, and in the general populace. What’s changed? Has the American divorce rate really gone up that much? No. In fact, it’s gone down. As of March 2010, the divorce rate in America had dropped to its lowest ever recorded, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The decline in the number of divorces has been marked by a steady decline in marriages as well.
Why, then, have celebrity marriages started to break down so often? Are celebrities more likely to get divorced than regular people? That’s not the case either. A new study published on July 16 of this year shows that the divorce rate among high-income earners is 5%–much lower than the national average. In fact, researchers found that the wealthy were more likely to stay married than poorer people.
The study, conducted by Sari M. Reis, a sociologist at Pennsylvania State University and Murray A. Straus of the University of New Hampshire, found that affluent women were actually more likely to stay married than poor women. “In particular,” explained Reis in an interview with The Washington Post, “we saw that wealthier couples had better quality relationships.”

you are the only one i ve ever loved
you are the only one i ve ever loved

When Did Hollywood Start to Crack Under the Pressure of Intense Media Coverage and Near-Constant Exposure?

The first celebrity divorce, of course, came in 1953, when Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio went through a nasty and public divorce. But by the mid-1980s, things started to get rocky for luminaries as well. In 1985, Frank Sinatra didn’t even want Susan Sarandon to marry his son: Frank Jr. Instead, he dumped her for Kate Hudson. “I was surprised that Frank didn’t want his son to marry the girl. I felt like I was going to lose him,” Sarandon later said . Elsewhere, Madonna and Sean Penn were on the outs the year before they finally split. And then there was the biggest breakup of all time (so far): actor Michael Douglas’s extramarital affair with a woman who wasn’t his wife. “The press reported a very strange and skewed story,” wrote Douglas in his biography. “To my horror and disbelief, I was connected to all the details of my affair with a married woman.” Apparently, Douglas felt he could handle the media pressure at first. But by 1988, he was ready to call it quits. “I am not a workaholic and I did not run away or hide because of the intense press coverage,” he wrote . “After all, I had nothing to hide.”
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you are the only one i ve ever loved
you are the only one i ve ever loved

Who Is Responsible for the Media’s Role in Celebrity Breakups?

Paradoxically, it’s the media that is also to blame for its role in celebrities’ breakups. Whitfield blames tabloid culture for making ordinary people think that sex and love are dirty. “There’s a lot of immaturity. Sex sells, and scandal sells,” she says . And tabloid culture, she argues, “wants to destroy marriages so it can sell more magazines.”
All of this has led to slut-shaming. “It’s like we’re not allowed to be sexual beings,” Whitfield says. “But we have so much freedom and power, our sexuality is a force in the universe.” At the same time, she admits that the pressure to look young can lead people to do things they shouldn’t. “I think that many people are ashamed of aging,” she says . “I think there’s so much pressure from culture to look youthful and youthful and youthful that people do things that are just not healthy. People have procedures, and they lie about their age because it gives them power.”
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Title: “You Are the Only One I’ve Ever Loved” : “Who Is Responsible for the Media’s Role in Celebrity Breakups?”
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you are the only one i ve ever loved
you are the only one i ve ever loved

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