The Most Ridiculous Parking Ticket Ever Written

Introduction: Follow the Story of How a Barmaid Found Out It Was Her Parking Ticket Instead of the Restaurant’s

Lena Yutang is one of the handful of parking agents who works at 2300 Park Avenue in Tustin. If a car has a violation, she’ll move it over so that an officer can ticket the vehicle.
One day, she got to work and saw that the address on her parking ticket was wrong. “I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, this is not our car,'” said the city parking agent.”It’s just shocking because I never would have expected this.”
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2300 park ave tustin ca 92782
2300 park ave tustin ca 92782

How Have I Been Getting These Bad Tickets?

The customer retrieves his or her car from the lot, but finds a bright pink ticket on their windshield. “2300 park ave tustin ca 92782” : “How Have I Been Getting These Bad Tickets?”
Like the often overlooked plaque on the wall that reads “In case of fire, please use the stairs”, we are constantly presented with amusing or telling messages. Often these messages are placed in an inconspicuous location and you don’t notice it until you’re looking for it. Like when you find yourself driving down a street that is also labeled with its name, street number, and address. “How Have I Been Getting These Bad Tickets?”
Of course, the more important question is not “How have I been getting these bad tickets,” but rather “Why have I been getting these bad tickets?” It might help if you could determine who’s responsible for the tickets.

2300 park ave tustin ca 92782
2300 park ave tustin ca 92782

What Is the Best Way to Pay for Your Parking Tickets?

The ticket is stuck on their car’s windshield, and they will have to retrieve it, then go through the parking lot to the office to pay. That’s why Yutang always puts the ticket face-up on their car, so they can see it.
Yutang, a student at Tustin High School, said Sunday parking tickets are easy to pay.
“They just need to go to the school’s parking office, get a ticket and pay it,” she said. “It is simple.”
Simple or not, many suburb dwellers detest the ticketing program instituted by the Orange County Register in 2009.
One reason: The Tustin Parking District, a nonprofit organization run by five elected officials, oversees the parking in and around Tustin High School.
The district is funded by the $7-a-day parking fee, which is $1.50 more than the other nearby lots charge because students are offered free after-school programs.

2300 park ave tustin ca 92782
2300 park ave tustin ca 92782

Have I Been Driving Around With a Punishment Ticket On My Car?

The customer goes to the office, where they will be greeted by Yutang. She explains the ticket and its amount, and the customer pays in cash or credit card. Yutang will then hand them the ticket, which they had to retrieve. They are then asked to leave the office and head outside (back to the parking lot).

2300 park ave tustin ca 92782
2300 park ave tustin ca 92782

Conclusion: Knowing What You’re Up Against Will Help You Fight Your Parking Tickets More Effectively

We can assume that, with thousands of tickets every year, a few mistakes will be made, or the ticket will be missed completely. However, Yutang was not the only worker who was giving out incorrect tickets – she claimed that all of the workers at 2300 Park Avenue should have known better. The good news is, Yutang had a different approach to dealing with these mistakes: she gives out warnings to customers whom she suspects have been given an incorrect ticket. The bad news is, as a part of Southern California’s parking enforcement industry, you’ll probably be facing a better customer service agent than Yutang.
Who Are The Parking Enforcement Agencies?
Of the thousands of tickets handed out every year, one company is responsible for a large number of them – City Park. They are the third largest parking enforcement agency in California, and have almost twice as many employees as their top competitor. However, another competitor is quickly gaining ground. Instead of having government employees giving out parking tickets, private companies are now taking over the task. The resulting agency is called Community Parking Enforcement (CPE). The problem with private companies is that it’s hard to imagine them making mistakes, and there is no way to hold them accountable.

2300 park ave tustin ca 92782
2300 park ave tustin ca 92782

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