The Oldest Building on Earth Explained

What is the oldest structure on earth? The answer is blow holes in the ground. What’s so special about them? They’re holes in the ground. Hole, hole, hole! How does this relate to ancient history and what have people been digging up at high speed for centuries?

i bet they have time to make holes and watch the skies, but they don’t have time to lurk on this article because they’re out there digging at more holes. keep going!
If you’ve ever sat out in the sun, you know that it’s tremendously hot. The feeling of the heat on your skin can be an aversive thing that’s unpleasant to experience. But there are some critters on earth — namely some species of spiders — who manage to make use of this heat to their advantage by trapping prey. These animals use their webs as traps and sit in them with the sunshine coming down on them. The webbing and their body heat is hot enough to kill the small insects that come into their webs.

wreck on old medina rd jackson tn
wreck on old medina rd jackson tn

Brief history of one of the most famous ancient structures in Egypt, Saqqara. It was a burial place for kings and queens from pre-dynastic Egypt through to other kings like Tutankhamun and Ramesses II. Unfortunately, it has not come up for air for a long time but it’s purpose could be understood by reading this article about its construction

A few questions so far: why did they dig holes? what meaning did that have? how could anyone know if there was an intention to bury kings? if it was not a burial place, who built it and why? who dug it up? why? who did the repair work? who did the decor on it? when? why? where / how could they find enough stone to place all these statues and giant blocks?
Who was buried there originally and what do you think their purpose is now?
What was their technology like, prior to pyramids, tombs and granaries?
Why do you think the thousands of years it’s been there playing hide and seek with archaeologists has been a game so far, as if it were not really important enough to find out what happened.
I believe that some of the first attempts to find out about Egypt’s ancient history can be found partially in:

wreck on old medina rd jackson tn
wreck on old medina rd jackson tn

Introduction: Saqqara or Suq is an open-air necropolis located approximately 15 kilometres north of Cairo, Egypt; its name comes from “Suq,” meaning “market” or “

i think they like the feeling of being buried in the ground because it is warm. plus when animals dig holes, they smell all nice and good. it’s how i know if there are any around. also, it is not very hard to dig a hole. i could probably do it myself if i had to.
kids like to climb trees and jump off and play on the swings too. it is more fun for them than just sitting down in the dirt all day with nothing to do, even though that seems like a nice idea in theory.
“We are now living in a world so full of information that sometimes we just need someone else’s point of view. Since we can no longer trangress this world, it’s time to take a step back and listen to someone else’s perspective.”
“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m not interested in the possibility of conspiracies, but I just started thinking about how things are arranged and why they are arranged that way.”

wreck on old medina rd jackson tn
wreck on old medina rd jackson tn