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How to get All the Benefits of AI Writing with a Simple Recursive Algorithm

AI writing is being praised as the future of literature and to some extent, these claims are true. AI has its limitations in terms of creativity and originality, but it’s definitely not a bad tool when it comes to removing repetitive words or ideas from a work.
However, AIs are still not good enough to handle all the literature they can be used to write. Recursive algorithms are a perfect way of eliminating most of the content in fiction, which comes in two flavors: “lots of links between sentences” and words/ideas repeated too often, or as Wikipedia says “repetition within sentences”.
For example: [Example sentence] would be reduced to [Example sentence with some links removed], which is much easier to read and understand.
This post is a way of showing how to go about writing content in the most efficient way, thus greatly reducing the number of repetitions for certain kinds of texts.
The algorithm is recursive, meaning that the sentence it writes is itself a sentence which itself has links removed from it. Essentially, the algorithm writes its own source-code! The recursive part allows it to continue removing links until there are no more which can be removed.
The algorithm works by taking a turn of the sentence and comparing it to other turns it has already written. It then writes the sentence if one of these is shorter than its own turn:

why do old people drive so slow
why do old people drive so slow

Why Driverless cars will Make Cars More Affordable

Anyone who lives in a major city has to deal with the traffic on a daily basis. In some cities, it’s even worse than others. Although there are many ways to tackle this problem, I believe that driverless cars are the best idea out there. In this article, I will explain why I think so.
First of all, let’s discuss how driverless cars work. Software, sensors and actuators are installed in regular cars to make them semi-autonomous. Using these components, a driverless car would be able to interpret the objects around it and determine how to react appropriately. This means that the driver can relax and just sit back while the machine takes over. Google’s self-driving car is a good example of what this technology can do.

why do old people drive so slow
why do old people drive so slow

How to Get a Better Driving Experience with an Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Car

The more technology can help a human drive, the better. Automated driving systems make driving a less stressful experience. Although this seems like an obvious statement, we often forget about the importance of automation for daily life. This is something that has many people worried about the future of driving.
In fact, about half of Americans are afraid of the upcoming advanced driving technology. They feel like their car is a direct extension of their body and without full control, they would not feel safe on the roads anymore. According to a recent survey conducted by AAA, it has been found that 49 percent people have anxiety about giving up control to a computer while driving. This fear is quite understandable as an automated system can make human errors such as sleepiness or distraction much worse.
However, some people still wonder how they can make their driving experience more efficient with today’s automated car technology. This article will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can increase the quality of your driving experience with existing technologies.
What is Artificial Intelligence?

why do old people drive so slow
why do old people drive so slow