The State of the Dry County in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Introduction: What is the Definition of a Dry County?

A dry county is a county where the sale of alcohol is prohibited or highly regulated. More than two-thirds of all counties in America are classified as “dry”. The main purpose of a dry county is to either reduce the amount of alcohol-related problems or to prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol entirely. All dry counties are located in the southern states, with Tennessee leading the nation with over 110 dry counties. In recent years there have been efforts to “dry up” counties in the north and west in order to prevent the development of such centers of alcohol-related crime as are found in southern states.
Generally, every legal person (i.e. citizen, legal entity) over 21 years of age may consume alcoholic beverages provided that they do not cause any kind of destruction in public places (mainly schools and parks) or any kind of disturbance to other people. Several cities do not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages within city limits.
Dry counties differ from wet counties mainly in their attitude towards alcohol sales. After some years of prohibition, States with a public drinking culture seemed to have adopted a “go slow” policy instead, which resulted in an incredible number of dry counties in the South and West. In many cases these counties have been…
“Dry County Definitions: What are they?”

is pigeon forge a dry county
is pigeon forge a dry county

What are the Benefits of Being a Dry County?

The main benefit of being a dry county is the fact that people are less likely to drink and drive, or engage in other drunken behaviors that could become dangerous for themselves and others. For example, roads in dry counties are much less likely to be littered with empty beer bottles and liquor bottles because alcohol sales are restricted in these areas. Dry counties also allow the law enforcement officials to focus on other crimes and assist in curbing the use of alcohol. These areas are safer because alcohol consumption, which is illegal in all dry counties, is not being sold or consumed.
Because there is no direct interaction between businesses and consumers in dry counties, these areas do not have to worry about underage drinkers, who would otherwise be able to purchase alcohol. In addition, these areas also do not need to worry about drunk driving or other types of alcohol-related accidents. When someone is intoxicated, this person is likely to make poor decisions that could harm himself or others. For example, when a person drives while intoxicated he becomes a threat to the safety of everyone on the road with him. Also, when a person drinks alcoholic beverages, he is likely to become aggressive or even violent. It is better for everyone to avoid this type of incident by serving alcohol in dry counties only.

is pigeon forge a dry county
is pigeon forge a dry county

How Does a Resident Become a Resident of a Dry County?

In order for a county to become dry, the residents of the area need to petition their local law enforcement. This is usually done through a petition signed by a large amount of residents and then sent to the sheriff’s department. Once it is approved, the dry law takes effect and alcohol cannot be sold or consumed within that county. However, there is still a line of demarcation in between the dry communities and an area of “moist”.
There are over two dozen counties listed as dry. There are also two cities that were recently granted the right to be dry. The major cities of Denver, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico have their own dry laws that allow their local law enforcement to enforce alcohol laws. Denver was first granted this right after they voted out their corrupt city officials and voted in a new sheriff who was willing to enforce alcohol laws. The city of Albuquerque has also granted their local law enforcement the right to enforce alcohol laws as well.
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is pigeon forge a dry county
is pigeon forge a dry county

What is Exempt from Being a Dry City or Town?

With some exceptions, being a dry city or town does not mean that you cannot purchase alcohol. When reviewing the criteria for becoming a dry city or town, it is clear that those cities and towns that have very high poverty rates, large numbers of students, low income levels and an abundance of college students are not allowed to become dry. For example, the definition of a dry town does not include any cities and towns that have college campuses or state universities. Also, if a city or town is found to be dry and that city or town has more than 5,000 residents of voting age, the city council must submit a petition within 90 days to revisit their decision.
It is important to note that each state has an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) control board. These boards are responsible for approving sales licenses and other alcohol-related permits. This board also has the power to review any appeals on alcohol sales. If a town or city has dry status, it does not mean that you cannot purchase alcohol. The only thing you cannot do is buy alcohol in a retail store or bar. You are still allowed to purchase beer and wine from grocery stores, restaurants and other licensed sellers.

is pigeon forge a dry county
is pigeon forge a dry county

Conclusion. Is Pigeon Forge Really a Dry City or Town?

With the exception of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, all “dry” cities or towns are located in the southern states. However, with the large number of tourists that visit the area and stay in hotels, it is clear that being a dry city or town is not what drives this city economically. There are more benefits to being a dry county than there are to being a dry city or town, but in the case of Pigeon Forge, this is not necessarily the case. However, there are many benefits that come with being a dry county as opposed to being a dry city or town. For example, because alcohol sales and consumption is prohibited in dry counties, there is no need to have an extensive police force to enforce these laws. There are also fewer problems with traffic crashes related to drinking and driving. Based on statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there is a 22% decrease in alcohol-related fatal crashes in dry counties as opposed to wet counties (7). In addition, dry counties have a 46% lower rate of total traffic deaths than wet counties (3). The cost savings associated with not having such a large police force is unequivocally beneficial. Dry counties also have a lower incarceration rate than wet counties (3).

is pigeon forge a dry county
is pigeon forge a dry county

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