The Top House Plans for People Who Want to Build in Coit Road, Plano

Introduction: Planning a Home on Coit Road? Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning a home on Coit Road? It pays to be informed, so here’s what you need to know before you sign the contract. From the shopping and dining options, to crime rates and schools, it’s all here. Read on to learn more about the history, demographics, and local flavor of this neighborhood.
The Coit Road area is popular for its thriving business community. There is ample opportunity for new leasing or investment ventures in the area with loads of potential due to its proximity to Dallas North Tollway.
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8940 coit road plano tx 75025
8940 coit road plano tx 75025

What is a Cozy Kitchen in the Coit Road Plano Area?

In the Coit Road Plano area, a cozy kitchen is one that has a granite topped Island. Other features include an under cabinet microwave and a stainless steel refrigerator with one or two drawers. There are a couple of cabinets on either side of the stove and they are also made of stainless steel. The main cabinets contain solid wood doors and shelves. The walls are adorned with either wood or tile and the floors are tiled. The dishwasher is tucked in a cabinet on the left side of the stove and an over-sized sized sink is on the right. The countertops are made of solid wood.
The room is fairly small, measuring about 12 X 10. It measures 8′ 3″ and about 5′ tall on the first level and is about 2’3″ below the ceiling. The dining room furniture could be replaced with a smaller one, but it would have to be a little wider to accommodate the folding table. There is one light above the table and about 6 feet of ceiling above it. The kitchen is fairly big and there would be enough space to accommodate a larger refrigerator if it were desired.
The living room furniture in front of the fireplace can be replaced with a smaller one, but then there would have to be something else to fill the space between the sofa and TV. The chairs are dark brown leather with dark red cushions. The sofa is the same type as the chairs and is also brown. The coffee table in front of the sofa is a dark brown marble top that is more decorative than functional. A pair of dark brown velvet rugs cover the hardwood floors. The walls are white and semi-gloss and there are two large windows in front with Venetian blinds.

8940 coit road plano tx 75025
8940 coit road plano tx 75025

How Much Does an Average Home on Coit Road Cost?

In the Coit Road Plano area, a home on Coit Road costs approximately $365,000. It’s important to note that homes have been on the market for upwards of 6 months. Here’s a handy chart that shows the median home sale price (on Coit) over the past 3 years:
(2015) ($280,000)
(2014)[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] (2015) ($286,912.50) (2014)[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] (2015) ($287,468.50)(2016)(2016)(2016)(2016)(2017)
Coit road is the 8th most expensive neighborhood in Plano Texas. Coit road’s surrounding neighborhoods are: Faxon/Parker Rd and Parker Rd.
**Coit road is the smallest neighborhood in Plano area. Coit Road only has 10 homes on it, so it’s likely that if you want to own your dream home, or are looking to buy a home in the Coit Road Plano area, you’ll have a hard time finding one.
Lets compare Coit road Plano TX to the rest of the nation (for a more complete comparison, click here):
Coit Road Plano Price Per Square Foot = $152.25
National Average Price Per Square Foot = $139.90

8940 coit road plano tx 75025
8940 coit road plano tx 75025

What are the Basic Features of a House on Coit Road Plano TX 75025?

In the Coit Road Plano area, a home on Coit Road comes with A/C in every room. The living room and kitchen both contain gas fireplaces. Small porches, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, are attached to the front of every home. The homes are built on one or two acre (or more) lots. The neighborhood is sprinkled with beautiful trees and bushes, giving homes a natural feel. In the heart of Plano is The Park at Coit, which offers a convenient location to walk your dog. In addition to easy access to trails and parks, you can also find disc golf courses, three pools, two playgrounds, and a dog park that provides the perfect place for your pup. [Some of the above information is extracted from Wikipedia:]
“Why does it matter?”: Houses in a community, as well as doors, should open and close easily. And why does everything have to be perfect? (At least to some people.) It matters because, if objects are not easy to use or move around, they will not be used or moved around. Therefore, the objects will eventually deteriorate.

8940 coit road plano tx 75025
8940 coit road plano tx 75025

Are Houses On Coit Road in the Early Development Phase Affordable Today?

Many homes on Coit Road are selling for ABOVE MAP. They do not appear to be in the early development phase as they have been sitting on the market for over 6 months. Keep in mind that if a home sits on the market for over 6 months, it’s because the owner is asking too much.
Coit Road Properties With Pending SALEs:
4424 Coit Rd Plano TX 75025 Price – $350,000
Location – West of Custer Rd Plano TX 75023
Address – 4424 Coit Road Plano TX 75025
4 Bed/2 Bath – 3,238 Square Foot House on 2.12 acres
Located between Frankford and Custer Rd
Offers over $150,000 more than being built house.
Price – $1185,000
3 Bed/2 Bath – 3,029 Square Foot House on 2.5 acres in the Country of Lillian Grove
Located on Coit Road Plano TX 75025 (Kirkwood subdivision)
Offers about $1750 more than being built house. Source: Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Contact Broker: Tom Button, Broker, Tom Button Property Group.
(See all active listing details in above Google Maps link)

8940 coit road plano tx 75025
8940 coit road plano tx 75025

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