The Truth Behind the Darkness in Alabama and Why it Gets Dark in the Night What Time Does It Get Dark In Alabama? Why It Gets Dark at Night

Introduction: What is darkness like? If you have ever stayed up late, heard a neighbor go to bed or seen someone go to bed, you have experienced darkness. A dark room is not only scary at night. It also affects us during the day when we are working. This post will explain why darkness happens and what causes it. We will also talk about how to detect when there is a problem with your light fixture and how to adjust it for your safety. Let’s find out the real reason why our lights don’t work at night, and how we can fix them!

The purpose of the intro is to create an interest in reading this post, and to make sure that it is read by friends and family. I want the readers see it as something they want to read and that they should read it. This is done by showing them why they should read it and by making hints in the intro that they should read what is going to be written.
1. What is darkness?
2. Why does it get dark?
3. How can we make sure our lights work at night?
This paragraph contains the main idea of this post. This is a brief description of what darkness is, why it happens and why we have to worry about it in our everyday lives. It also presents a problem that we need to solve, that problem being broken light fixtures in our homes or offices. It also tells how we can solve the problem, by adjusting the light fixtures for our safety.
Main idea: Darkness is the lack of light. When something is dark, it cannot be seen, which means that there is no visible light source. Also darkness is scary if you are scared of the darkness, as most people at night are afraid of the dark.

what time does it get dark in alabama
what time does it get dark in alabama

What Causes Darkness in Alabama?

The amount of light we see depends on both the amount of light and distance to the source of light. A few scattered street lamps may not provide enough light for safe travel even on a clear night, while a full moon has the power to penetrate a thick forest. Darkness is more than just the complete lack of light. It happens when there is a problem with the light. There is a certain amount of problems that are caused by our lights. When we turn on our lights at night, they can blind us. As a result, we do not see many objects around us and we walk into things as we can’t see them in darkness. These blunders are called as cord accidents [or cord-related incidents], which lead to injuries and sometimes death.
In the night, we have a little light due to the moon and stars. At night, heat gets less power from the sun that makes it cold. As a result, it makes people feel colder than in day times. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to rest at night than in daylight.
The source of light that causes darkness is generally called by scientists as “astronomical darkness”. Light on our earth comes from many sources. The most powerful source of light on earth is the sun. The sun is a star and it burns only by converting its hydrogen into helium, the most common element in our universe. When the sun burns out, it will be converted back to hydrogen.

what time does it get dark in alabama
what time does it get dark in alabama