The Ultimate Guide to Eagle Pass and Laredo, Texas

A Guide to Traveling in the Lone Star State

The Lone Star State has seen plenty of change in the past decades, from the opening of Texas A&M University-Texarkana, to a stretch of the I-35W bridge collapsing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But for all its changes and growth (in population and otherwise), it still offers a lot that many travelers love about Texas: wide open spaces, diverse landscapes, good food… and some seriously dangerous weather. Here are some tips to make your holiday in Texas even more enjoyable.
Start with the weather. As a state, Texas is known for its scorching hot summers and mild winters. The majority of Texans live in the central and eastern part of the state, where record temperatures are common. Fortunately, those records are broken more frequently here than in other states.
However, no holiday is complete without some shade to relax under during a hot day. There’s plenty to do in and around Dallas and Fort Worth (the two largest cities, in fact), and several parks are open all year. For more of a getaway, try visiting a coastal town like Corpus Christi (in the southern part of the state) or Galveston (on the Gulf Coast).
That said, don’t let a little sun spoil your vacation. Even on a warm day, it still gets cold at night. Use layers instead of trying to change into different clothes each time you step outside.
The Texas landscape is as diverse as its population. In the south, there are a lot of trees, as well as several types of desert. Other areas have rocky canyons and places that are very flat. But no matter where you go in Texas, it’s a great place to take pictures.

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Best Places to Visit in Texas

Texas can be a great state to visit if you like seeing all of the diverse landscape that the state has to offer. If you want to see some of the biggest cities in Texas, Houston and Dallas are both good choices. Houston loves to remind everyone that it’s at least “bigger than Austin,” and Dallas will let everyone know that it’s bigger than both combined. Feel free to enjoy Dallas’ Highland Park Village or Houston’s River Oaks District when you’re on the clock, but make sure you check out some of the state’s famous small towns, too. Fredericksburg and Boerne in particular offer a nice respite from the big city. They both have shops and restaurants that pop up along Main Street, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Whether or not you’re in the market to visit these places, Texas is still a great place to live. You can’t go wrong with Austin or Houston if you’re looking for a new place to settle down.
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eagle pass tx to laredo tx
eagle pass tx to laredo tx