Tokyo’s Shibuya Cat

Introduction: What is Tokyo’s Shibuya Cat?

SHIBUYA CAT is a cat café franchise in Japan that lets visitors interact with cats while also enjoying some food and drinks. Cat cafés originated in Taiwan during the 1990s as a way to deal with the island’s overpopulation of stray animals, but has evolved into something its own animal experience. The animals that grace them are cats.
The SHIBUYA CAT franchise originated in Shibuya, Tokyo by a couple of young men named Kazutomo Watanabe and Yuto Oshima. It started out as a small café open only on weekends, but it quickly gained popularity. They eventually found a way to make their dreams of opening up a permanent shop come true, and they opened their first café in 2010 on the ground floor of the Shibuya Hikarie Building.

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Competition for Tokyo’s Shibuya Cats

Shibuya cat is not the only cat café in Tokyo, but it is the largest. It consists of five individual cafes. The Shibuya shops are three-story cat cafés that house cats that have been rescued from animals shelters and abandoned homes. Of course, they accept cats from other owners as well. If they find a good match, they release the cat into its new home at one of these cafés (or move it to another facility). The idea is to blend a wholesome environment with a cat food and drink menu. Visitors can pay ¥500 for an entrance fee and spend between two and four hours enjoying their meal, drink, and interaction with the cats. When you first get your copy of the cat café menu, you will see that the prices are not cheap. The food cost is roughly ¥100 per dish while the drinks are just over ¥50 each. To make up for these expenses, the cafés charge an additional ¥300 to ¥500 per hour to cover costs (such as utility bills and labor). This is a dedicated space for cats, so try not to go in when there are many other visitors because it can get quite crowded and loud.

5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241
5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241

Different Types of Cats in the Country and How to Spot One in Japan

Shibuya cat takes in cats from all over the country, instead of only adopting cats from shelters. Visitors can find pictures of some of their furry friends on their website. In Japan, there are different types of cats that make their home in various areas. One such type of cat is the “neko-san,” an orange tabby with a white underbelly. Another cat is the kuro-neko, or black cat, who wears a tuxedo while posing for photos. Other types of cats are not as famous but are still commonly spotted and photographed in Japan.
How to Spot a Shibuya Cat in Japan
The shibuya cat is known for its white paws, which stands out from other types of cats in the country.
Previous to spotting this type of cat, visitors could spot a katakana character sign on the cat’s head. This means the cat is a stray but has been taken care of by someone in the area that feeds and keeps it company.
Although the shibuya cat is commonly spotted in Shibuya, it can be found in various places around Japan.
Visitors can spot shibuya cats at Sunshine Aquarium. In the area, there are dozens of signs depicting cats in different poses and holding signs with their messages. There is even a statue of an orange cat wearing a tuxedo by the name of “Jiji.”
There is also a white cat that sits on a platform that moves back and forth. The sign next to the cat reads “sunshine parakeet.” The Sunnies are also known as “cat fish,” referring to their two-tone coloration.

5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241
5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241

Tips on How to Find a Tokyo’s Shibuya Cat or Other Japanese Natural Feline Companion

Unfortunately, not all cats are as friendly and gentle as the Shibuya cat. In fact, some of them can be quite a nuisance. The types of cats that roam Japan tend to be more shy and timid than those found in other countries. If you do come across one, follow these tips on how to find a cat in Japan: Look for a line of people waiting to enter the café and an open door. It is also good to check the website that cat café owners make to see if there has been recent activity in the café (e.g. new cats). They may also post about what the cats are doing now.
Enter the cat café and go up to the counter to ask for a reservation. Tell them your preference for cats. If you have any allergies, tell them. The staff will have a list of reserved customers and will go around calling their names when it’s time for you to enter. Immediately head upstairs where the cats will be waiting for you in a room with plenty of hiding places, toys, and treats in case they get hungry or bored.
Be sure to use the provided cat treats and toys for them. If you’re not comfortable feeding them, ask the staff for help. If the cats don’t approach you, try to get their attention by making noise or waving a toy. You can also try getting on ground level with them by sitting on the floor or crouching below them if they’re up high.

5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241
5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241

How Does a Japanese Natural Feline Companion Come into Existence?

The term “natural companions” is one that is often used to describe the animals found in Japan. These animals have been around since ancient times and are often considered as divine. Specifically, these animals include cats and dogs, who have long been accepted as pets by Japanese families (although not quite like in the West). Cats live primarily indoors while dogs live mostly outdoors. The fact that they differ greatly has led to speculation over where cats originated from. Some say that cats originated in China, while others claim that they were originally domesticated in Japan.
There are 3 theories on the origin of the Japanese Natural Feline Companion:
The first theory is that the Japanese natural feline companion is a descendent of a Chinese native species. These cats were brought to Japan with trading ships during the 6th century. Over time, these cats interbred with wild forest cats, forming what we now call modern-day domestic cats (although there are still some wild cat populations as well). This theory has been disproven by its lack of proof and conflicting DNA evidence.

5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241
5111 langdon rd dallas tx 75241

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