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What is the Best A.I Agent in the Market?

Artificial intelligence can have a huge impact on the future of everything from the workplace to politics. In an article for Forbes, Cory Doctorow writes about his predictions for how AI will shape our future, and he lists some of the best A.I vendors in the market right now. His list includes providers like IBM Watson, Oracle’s Smart Cloud Enterprise Suite, Adobe Systems’ Sensei AI software, and Salesforce Einstein Platform. Visit The Best A.I Vendors in the Market for more information about artificial intelligence.
About Author:
Doctorow is an award-winning Canadian journalist and author of the novels Little Brother and Homeland, a science fiction trilogy. His latest work is a socially responsible novel called Makers. He’s also the founder and editor of Boing Boing, as well as a columnist at The Guardian newspaper in the U.K., where he writes about how technology is changing the world.
Cory Doctorow website [for more information, not to copy verbatim]: http://doctorow.com/
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Cory Doctorow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/doctorow?lang=en
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forbes article” : “What is the Best A.I Agent in the Market?”