What are the Best Dumpster Diving Resources and Laws in the U.S?

A lot of us have been trashed by the high cost of living and the resulting disdain for what “the rich” do with all their good. What could we exploit if we just looked around a bit? Cheap food, for one thing. I often hear the complaint that dumpster diving is “illegal” and “stealing,” but I can’t find any laws that support this. Is dumpster diving illegal in Texas?
I just came back from Dallas, Texas where I was invited to speak at a theater group, which is the only group I’ve ever been to that has some interest in dumpster diving. Since it was my first real dumpster diving trip, I wanted to share what I learned with you. The best part of the trip is that I didn’t even have to do much research; dumpster diving walkthroughs and articles online were easily available.
Dumpster diving is legal in all states except two, Mississippi and Texas. While dumpster diving is not illegal, it is against some sort of law to “scavenge” from a dumpster and I am going to explain that.
The laws that allow for foraging are pretty arbitrary and are a result of cultural norms and not law. Dumpsters are covered in a layer of plastic bags, soil, food waste, papers and other detritus that accumulate over time. The only official cover on the dumpster is the “litter” tag attached to the lid, so I have included that in this article along with a picture. The litter tag protects the contents of the dumpster from damage for up to 90 days.

is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas
is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas

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t1. The problem: People at a food bank tell me that many of the people collecting canned goods and such do it because they want to save money. I’m trying to find out what laws prohibit people from doing this. t1.1. Legal? t1.2. Illegal? t1.3. In Texas?
t2 . How Texas allows people to use dumpsters: a1 . Forensics a2 . Food banks, pantries, and emergency relief organizations a3 . Condo and apartment complexes b1 . Condo policy b2 . Parks, golf courses, and other public land b3 . Public buildings, government offices and agencies c1 . Private property c2 . The law d1. Cities e1. Austin e2. Houston e3. San Antonio f1 . What laws affect the way we use dumpsters f2 . What is illegal? g1 . The state of Texas g2 . Cities
t3. Analysis: a1 . Risks a2 . Non-legal risks b1 . No prosecution, but bad publicity b2. Related businesses

is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas
is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas

Introduction: What is Dumpster Diving and Is It Illegal?

So you’re a Texas independent, not quite as great as the real independents but still proud. And when you score a big juicy payday (and you will), you deserve to take your shot at the big boys. You should be able to enjoy the finer things in life—the best food, the sexiest women, the most luxurious home and cars. But you’ve been there, done that. You’ve had your shot and you were either on top or crashed and burned, but it’s all over for you because you need a good bankroll just to watch the game. There’s nothing else to do but go dumpster diving.
What is dumpster diving? It’s a secret sport created by the non-rich to get freebies from the rich, and it works. The rich have no idea that they’re on a list that anyone can look up and try to score from, and even if they did, they wouldn’t bother because you’re just someone looking for something for nothing. They’re too busy focusing on their investments and don’t remember what they did with that check as they high-fived the stockbroker on their way to Gambit’s office.

is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas
is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas

Myths Hitting the Trash: 5 Things to Avoid When Doing a Dive

The following 5 myths are inundating the dumpster diving community and causing great confusion, frustration and anger. They are distracting us from the real issues, wasting our energy and dividing us. It’s time to put these myths down.
To do a dive, you need a vehicle.
No. You can do a dive on foot or bicycle, especially in the city. They’re often easier than vehicle dives because you’re not subject to rush-hour traffic and you can park for free in a residential area. Also note that a bicycle can be easily hidden. In any case, you don’t need a vehicle because garbage isn’t locked up, and you can find it by just walking down the street and looking for dumpsters or Dumpster Diving.
You have to lift heavy stuff out of the dumpster (because it weighs several times more than it really does).
Most of the stuff in a big urban collection is recyclable and shouldn’t be put into your trash. Remember that the reason you’re looking for food scraps, paper, and plastic is to reduce your garbage. So keep the heavy stuff — like appliances, furniture, etc — for recycling.
You have to dig through trash with a shovel or rake.

is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas
is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas

Getting Down to Business: What to Bring, What Not to Bring, and How To Find Gold on Your Next Dive

We’ve all done it, thrown a bag in the back of our car or a backpack on our shoulders and headed out to go on a dumpster dive. There are many misconceptions about what you should be doing, and also what you shouldn’t be doing. People could save themselves from embarrassment, frustration and even possible legal consequences by just taking some advice that can save them a lot of time and energy. The good news is that you’re in luck because this article will cover all the basics of a successful dive.
First and foremost, what shouldn’t you do? You should know that there are some steps you should take to make sure you don’t get into any legal trouble. Here they are:
1. Find out if dumpster diving is even legal in your area. If it is not, don’t do it, you will get caught and charged. If it is, proceed.
2. Don’t go into a apartment complex or houses where trash is kept in a dumpster. You don’t want to get arrested.
3. Don’t break the law by trespassing.
4. Don’t go into the dumpster of a business or place you don’t have permission to be in and try to get goods that aren’t yours, like computers, jewelry or any other goods that are illegal to take without permission from the owner. This includes getting caught with these goods on you.
Now that we have taken care of the legal end, we can move on to what you should bring if you want to be efficient in your diving endeavors. Here’s a list of items that are must haves:

is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas
is it illegal to dumpster dive in texas

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