What is Normal? The definition of what is normal is different for everyone and all relationships. Some people might think a relationship in which one person hits the other without provocation is not a healthy one, while others might see it as just another aspect of their intimacy.

punch the other to show their anger. For many people, this is a way of showing how intense their emotions are; demonstration of being upset is another reason why a partner may hit them. These reactions are not necessarily abnormal, but they are often a product of frustration. The cause of the frustration may be any number of things.
Situation-Involving Issues:
Common Situations which may lead to a partner getting angry:
* Getting blindsided by an argument with their partner (examples of this are being told that you’re wrong for something you’re not, or being forced into doing something you don’t want to do.)
* Having plans ruined.
* Having plans ruined. * Having your bills or debts piled up.
* Getting blamed for things they really didn’t do. They may have been in a different time zone and not even been able to know what you were doing.

is it normal for my girlfiend to hit me
is it normal for my girlfiend to hit me

From an article entitled ‘Is it normal to be hit by your girlfriend?’

Girlfriends may hit their partners to express how they feel about the relationship. Many people believe that violence in a relationship is abnormal, and that it is OK for women to use physical aggression against men. However, these people do not realize that abuse is not always physical, as many people believe. This can be seen in the way that their partner may hit them in order to show how upset they are with them. When a person is angry, this feeling is often released through violence.
The relationship between the victim and perpetrator is a very serious issue that can affect all the family members, such as parents, siblings and children. Violence in the family can lead to violence outside the home. Abusive behaviour in relationships does not only harm one person, but usually everyone who lives with them – including their friends, children and families.

is it normal for my girlfiend to hit me
is it normal for my girlfiend to hit me

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