“What Will It Take for an Entrepreneur to Become a Millionaire?”

What Hiring a Millionaire Can Teach You About Success in Business

After years of helping clients all over the world to build their businesses, teaching entrepreneurship at universities and in public schools, doing live TV interviews, and writing bestselling books on entrepreneurship, I know a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. The #1 core skill I see with all successful entrepreneurs, no matter their industry or age, is the ability to focus. There are a hundred ways to get distracted, but the only way to be successful is by focusing.
Here are some examples.
Gary Vee has one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in history, and he’s become an internet sensation showing all the ways that ordinary business people can achieve extraordinary success with just a little hustle.
He credits his success to “having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.” He says he’s able to keep focused by, “making it obvious that I’m going in the right direction and staying behind.”

two men and a truck ann arbor
two men and a truck ann arbor

How to Become a Millionaire with $1 Million or Less

In my work as a consultant and coach to entrepreneurs, I have found so many people who start with limited resources but still manage to successfully launch their business, even though that amount of money might not sound like much. In fact, it’s not enough by most people’s standards. I want to share one very powerful secret with you today: the secret of how I did it myself. I would like for you to let go of any limiting beliefs about how much money it takes to make money. The truth is, at least if you have no capital, it doesn’t matter how little you start with. By following the steps I’ve outlined below, we can all learn from my experience and become successful entrepreneurs with any amount of money or no capital at all.
You may be thinking “I wonder how much money it would take to make me a millionaire.” I’m telling you right now that if you start with $100 and work faithfully, day after day, month after month, year after year, the amount of money you need to become a millionaire will have little to do with the amount of money you have today. It is true that there are no millionaires in my family. But my Aunt Peggy, who started out with $5,000 and is now worth $130 million, rarely boasts about her worth to anyone.
As I was writing this article today I was struck by an insight that has really been a gift to me as a business consultant. The process of becoming a millionaire or billionaire is really not about the amount of money you start out with; it is about consistently following the process just outlined here, day after day after day. There is no other way to achieve the results that I have seen in my clients who have gone from nothing to multimillionaires.
Step One: Know What You Want and Believe You Can Get It

two men and a truck ann arbor
two men and a truck ann arbor

Do You Know What It’s Like Being Rich? Then Here’s How I Did It

I remember clearly when I was in high school and a couple of my friends’ dads were very successful entrepreneurs. They were happy, had nice cars, beautiful homes, and always seemed to be on vacation. They had achieved the American dream; they were rich. It was obvious that they had been working hard to get there, but it appeared that their success came pretty easily. I remember being jealous of them at the time, because they had achieved a level of success that didn’t seem possible for me.
I was curious about how they did it. I had long dreamed of having a successful business of my own, but I didn’t know where to start. My friends’ dads seemed to have no problem applying themselves, and they had achieved success in seemingly every area of their lives. So what gave them the advantage that I didn’t have?

two men and a truck ann arbor
two men and a truck ann arbor