What’s the Weather Like Today in Lake Villa IL?

Introduction: What are the 5 Best Weather Apps for Your Smartphone?

It’s not always easy to tell how the weather will turn out in your destination on any given day. The best way to be prepared is by checking the weather forecast beforehand. There are many various apps that can provide different types of forecasts, but which are the most popular? We’ve compiled this list of 5 apps for you. They all give pretty much the same information, but the presentation might vary.
The 5 Best Weather Apps for Your Smartphone
#1. Yahoo Weather
This app provides a concise weather forecast for your destination, along with expected high and low temperatures, as well as a real feel temperature. It also gives you a 7-day forecast. The difference between the temperature and what it “feels like” can be quite significant depending on the humidity, wind speed, etc. This is one of the best apps to help plan an outfit that will keep you warm or cool enough during the day.
This app is also really simple to use, just choose your location and then the time frame for your forecast. The information is displayed in an easy-to-read format so you don’t have to do much scrolling to find what you’re looking for. There are no flashy images or animations, but it gets the job done without any unnecessary fluff.
#2. AccuWeather

lake villa il weather hour by hour
lake villa il weather hour by hour

Lake Villa IL Weather by Hour

The temperatures in Lake Villa are heavily influenced by both Lake Michigan, which is 5 miles away, and the proximity of Chicago. Lake Michigan provides a small amount of cooling to the area during summer months, but it is not enough to offset the brutal heat of Chicago summers. The lake also provides a small amount of warming during the winter months. This effect is more noticeable in late autumn, when lake water temperatures are still above 50 degrees while the air temperature is plummeting. Lake Michigan temperatures vary wildly throughout the year, but recently average around 52 degrees F (11 degrees C) in July and February and an average of 34 degrees F (1 degree C) in January.

lake villa il weather hour by hour
lake villa il weather hour by hour

Lake Villa IL Weather Forecast by Day

The app provides current and hourly weather conditions for the greater Lake Villa area. Throughout the day, you can see daily highs and lows, as well as the chance of precipitation throughout the next 24 hours. What makes this app particularly useful is the ability to click on a specific location and see the exact forecast for all surrounding locations. A button is provided to let you select a particular location and see the forecast for that particular area.
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lake villa il weather hour by hour
lake villa il weather hour by hour