When you lived in a rural village, you were surrounded by wasn’t it? Were these people called “wasps”? Or wasps at the time were not insects but birds? In fact, they were fairly harmless.

Why are the words “wasps” and “wasps,” with their deep connection to nature, so loved by people now? It’s because we have been influenced by them in our daily lives. We didn’t suspect this until recently!

The word “wasp” is the common name for various insects belonging to the genus “vespula.” The origin of the word came from an old Anglo-Saxon origin. In General, this insect has a wide range of yellow and black, but there are also some wasps that have red. There are many species of wasps, but this insect’s appearance is different, and the shape of their nests also varies greatly. In Japan, there are many kinds of wasps that are called “wasps.” It is said that Nature gave its own name to this insect when it first appeared on Earth.
“Wasp” is a word that originated from the Anglo-Saxon “waspe” and it appears as “wasp.” The word has a deep connection to nature. From ancient times, the existence of wasps is being accepted by people in the world. If you look at our lives, we find the existence of wasps everywhere. A place where wasps are living, a present day product where wasps are used, the words used in our daily lives that reminds us of this insect…
1. Wasps exist everywhere around us

people who are called
people who are called “wasps” have ancestors from which country?