Will a 450 Bushmaster Upper Fit a 223 Lower?

Introduction: Which Should You Buy? The Traditional AR Build vs. the Hybrid Build and How Your Gun Will Fit in Your Bushmaster Upper

The first thing to consider when you need a new upper is what type of gun do you want your AR build to fit on. This is a decision that depends not only on cost and personal preference, but also the owner’s needs for reliability or performance. There are several different types of builds in use, with any given AR-15 being capable of fitting onto any one of them. The three most common are the Traditional, Hybrid, and M4. Each type of upper has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours to make. Cost is also a major factor; a more expensive upper does not necessarily mean better performance.
The Traditional AR Build:
This is the most popular build for your AR-15. It consists of a traditional carry handle or flat top upper receiver, with a fixed carry handle and non-free floating handguard and/or the A2 or A1 fixed front sight gas block and tube assembly. The barrel is usually of the medium or short length (depending on type) and either a 16″ or 18″ barrel with pinned muzzle break. The stock is either a fixed pistol grip, telescoping side rail or collapsible buttstock. A traditional AR build will not accept any modern parts, including those from Bushmaster, Colt, etc.

will a 450 bushmaster upper fit a 223 lower
will a 450 bushmaster upper fit a 223 lower

Will A 450 Bushman Upper Work With a 223 Lower?

A 465 Bushmaster upper will work on a 223 lower. The only thing to be aware of is that your bolt and carrier may need to be replaced, as many of these parts are specific to the .223 Remington cartridge. If you want to shoot .223 in this type of build, then consider replacing your parts before shooting it. You can find replacement kit on the internet or at a local gun shop.
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will a 450 bushmaster upper fit a 223 lower
will a 450 bushmaster upper fit a 223 lower

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will a 450 bushmaster upper fit a 223 lower
will a 450 bushmaster upper fit a 223 lower